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Fragments VIIIn. fragmenta part broken off or detachedan isolated, unfinished, or incomplete partan odd piece, bit, or scrap. Episode 1Latex harlot is standing, ready, sweating onto herself with the moistness trapped in a film of rubber against her skin. This babe is made to slowly and sexily undress at the behest of Mz and insert a vaginal and anal inflatable plugs that are attached to latex panties into her holes. The panties are pulled up and inflated in the ass and cunt. Mz drags her over to the chair and this girl is bound stretched tight in crystal straps. An inflatable choke is loaded and overflowed in her mouth... this girl is now airtight. Mz works her over.... tormenting her, challenging her with nipple clamps, the tazapper, and vibrator.SCENE 2Slut is inclination backwards standing into an intense arch spread. The fist of Mz slides easily into the slit hole. Shackles are tightly bound to slut's tits - a cupcake of flesh spilling over and constricted. Flogging warms up and tenderizes the skin before clamps in a zipper fashion are applied along the torso. Woman melts into the hands of capable Mz. Draining her for cum, Mz Berlin's efforts are relentless.SCENE 3Chocolate skinned floozy in romper received schooled on the ways of Machine by pro handler Orlando. The drool runs down her face. With a closely trimmed head shave, this slit has no where to hide. Everything is exposed. This babe is flogged till we may watch the red jizzed up from her skin. In buy to be a proper slut, this girl has to be disciplined to fuck. Orlando orders her to hop the hammer between her legs in an appealing fashion. Desperate, scared, the vibrator enters...SCENE 4She is installed on her side in a strict strappado/forward bend predicament. Her feet are an easy target for the single tail and Orlando knows altogether how to torture someone that cannot watch the sensations coming. Whimpering, reckless for the torture to end, Orlando rams a thick hammer into her. Thrusting it in and out, coaxing newbie defiled facial out of her unpracticed holes. Cum drips down her leg, this girl is left to suffer alone. 2013-07-02 2:00 Tags: restrained
Like sluts who love pain? Let me introduce you to Amanda. Girls who may either take a lot of torture or bizarre bondage are earning a title in a cool category - rough rider. Our little cunt likes large clothes stuffed in her lips an severe gags, so in scene one, this girl received my favorite rubber beanie hood, with a dark gag, and rubber recording over the gag. With just her nose to breathe from, this girl received antagonized with breath control. Quickly this girl understands that Claire is not a very beautiful lady.Second, Amanda received introduced to the cattle prod, tazapper, and zipper with the most painful vids we have. Then this girl is hoisted in an bizarre chain just suspension, ebi style. Blindfolded and swinging in the air with no point of reference, this girl received lost in space as the play of torture and delight overwhelms her.Finally, this girl says this girl loves pain, especially to her thighs. Claire loves tormenting whores legs, and goes after her with gusto laying down thick colored stripes of compressed flesh. Her ass is lifted into the air for a better presentation and easier access to her cunt. Strapped down, there is no way this girl may escape from the torture or pleasure.Her caning position received transitioned. Claire installs the inflatable rubber balloon hood on her where the breathing tubes run to the better of the head. She cannot watch out at all. Amanda is suspended upside down by her ankles and single tailed with the vibrator on her and nipple clamps. The combination of delight and slicing torture sends her over the edge into orgasm oblivion. 2013-07-02 2:00 Tags: restrained

Welcome back supple gymnast Wenona. What is not to like about this strong slut? She is flexible, tough, and loves to cum. Up for the challenge, this babe endures very strict bondage, brutal and pleasure.In scene one, Wenona is custom fitted to a made to measure frame in a legs behind the head/open pile driver position. Perfect for pussy flogging, Claire takes her mound nice and hot pink. She also introduces a cruel nipple to labia predicament with clamps and twine so Wenona cannot quite relax into the stretch. Once satisfied, Claire attaches the pulley and quite inverts Wenona. Going after her anus only, this babe is finger banged and vibrated until the vagina can't semen any more.Scene two, Wenona is tied up in a kneeling offering pose. So submissive with her anus trapped up in the air. Perfect for the cattle prod. Her anus takes a nice fat iron meat in it that is also tied up to her hair. After the cattle prod go in the cane and the single tail. Claire wants to make sure Wenona has her full attention. Now, for the cunt. Finally Claire slides her fat hand into Wenona's willing cunt. Pummeling her. Writhing in pleasure, Wenona has no choice but to semen all over Claire's hand and the vibrator.Finally, Wenona endures 1 of the most challenging suspensions Claire may think of - a chain just straddle split suspension. Chain is cold, uncomfortable, and like the rigid restraints - not forgiving. Spread wide open, her nipples get tied up to her toes, the cane go in out, and finally the sybian. With a sybian finish, semen hungry and insatiable Wenona takes to do nothing but be overwhelmed by enjoyment as Claire chokes her from behind with leather around her neck. Watch her muscles intensely contract an the sweat pour down her stem as it can't help but have final after orgasm. 2013-08-01 2:00 Tags: restrained
Strikingly cool but very shy Bailey has agreed to a day with me on Device. Impressed by her interest in pain and real flexibility her day is centered around both. A recipe for the wonderful storm in favor of me.Bailey begins moderately laced in a tight fitting corset, ballet boots, and high reaching posture collar. Her ankles are trapped open, doing it impossible to close up her legs, but everything looks much too loose. With my boot on her ass, I pull the laces of her corset closed and adjust the turnbuckle on her posture collar from tolerable to unreasonable. Her hair is then tied to a thick metal dick inserted into her ass. Her hands are pried open with pieces of metal, finger by finger. Everything is exposed and this babe is helpless to the torment that awaits.Second, I like dressing my floozys up. The more foreign they are, the more cool they become. In latex stockings, heels, garter, tight leather choking collar and the single leather armbinder, this babe is bent back over very uncomfortable metal. Her nipples beg for attention and sausage bite suction tubes blowjob them up to attention. Today this babe gets to be tormented by electricity, I do wonder how this babe is going to respond. She's tough... but how tough?Finally Bailey in installed in the Scavenger's Daughter, an apparatus created in the era of Henry VIII, but with an upgrade. A monster metal rod is added to keep her arms nice and open. This girl likes pain... so now its time to game and see what this babe can take. Once satisfied with her being pushed to the limit, this babe is laid on her back (the rightful place of all sluts) and thoroughly fucked. First in the ass, then in the pussy, then in the hole and the ass. All of her chinks are filled. This girl screams of ecstasy even while in a hellish metal device; desperately, clinging to the pleasure. 2013-07-02 2:00 Tags: restrained

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