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Karloncha 2 2013-12-12 3:38 bdsm
Two Fat Gals Tormented 2013-12-12 3:57 bdsm
Spanked By A Nun 2013-12-27 2:49 spanking
Ree Petra Footjob 2013-12-27 2:45
Hot cuties pissing 2013-12-30 1:14 pissing
Feet drilling 2014-01-09 3:12

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This angel is hot, hot, drilling hot. She is tall, blonde, nice-looking face, sweet asshole and cool tits. Oh, and this angel is a smut drilling slut. An unrefined slut, but smut nonetheless. I ask her what this angel wants to learn. She says this angel wants to be "a finest slut". A classic broad answer. Well, the bareback material is certainly there. I check my cock and get the rope.I tie her boobies tight and sling several rope around her round ass. It's nice. Real nice. And this angel knows it. She is used to easily seducing boys and with her mischievous tiny cunt. She has been eyeing me like I'm several half drunk frat male who is going to fall all over himself trying to get with her. I smirk as my fingers dig into her soft pretty angel and test her nipples. She winces. What makes a girlfriend perfect, I ask. She gets a dumbstruck look on her face like this angel never expected to have to actually participate in her own training on an intellectual level. This might be a long day. I begin to crop and vibe her till I get answers. She squirms and squeals like a sorry asshole sorority angel and I smile.I wish to feel her up from the inside. I hang her twat out in a lewd suspension and hook my fingers tight against her spongy juicy g-spot. I make her sweat like a finest tiny pig, and tease her to finish while drilling her on what this angel really wants from me.I am a sadistic bastard with a hardcore dick, and I wish that slutty drilling pussy of hers to suffer for my twisted pleasure. I bind her into a compromising pose and clamp her snatch wide open. Now is the time to get several answers. 2013-08-15 2:00 kinky slave submissive
It is a sad day indeed when a defective Home Serf is sent back to the basement to be re-trained. The Home rules, the positions, the discipline - these things are in place for a reason. They provide a coherent structure, a found of organization, they are the spine of the Home itself. A properly functioning Home Serf is more than a get it on slut, more than a well tortured hole to fuck. A Home Serf is a Symbol for the Traditions of the Leather Culture. A nod to the Elders. A Home Serf is a reminder that we are all servants to something bigger than ourselves. When this Symbol is tarnished, it is our Duty to catch note. To pick that degraded serf up and improve it. Polish it. Empower it. But first, it must be Punished.Lyla Storm's recent performance on TheUpperFloor.com was an embarrassment to the House. This chick is a disgrace to her pose and to her uniform. This chick has been busted from Senior Home Serf of the Upper Floor to lowly Trainee in the Basement. This chick is defective. This chick not only poor the rules, this chick does not even remember what the rules are. I catch this an affront and I consider it my personal duty fix this broken piece of property.The Defect is abused and conditioned to understand that this chick was indeed and Bad Girl. This chick is to be torn down and re-built again, prime than before. By the time we are through this chick will never ignore those 3 little words again: Honorific, Eyeline, Deportment.Her quim and mouth are reamed with a enormous latex cock, her stem is tied, twisted and tied up into awful poses of endurance and pain. Her pleasures are denied and then overwhelming. This chick is made to sweat buckets and squirt puddles of quim juice out onto our cool floor. This chick is a bad, horrible girl. But this chick will get better. 2013-11-23 2:00 kinky slave submissive
Ducati is hungry for dick. But this chick is going the get it the way we wish to watch her take it: in that hot drilling ass. Even more, this chick is going to earn it first.I wish to know how a lot this chick will suffer for it. I clamp her sensitive small melons to the ceiling and make her pull against them to grind her cunt on a vibe while I berate her. This chick squeals and squirms, and as the predicament recieve harder and harder, so does my dick. That is a finest sign, Daisy. Fine girl. Hold it up.Yes this chick may suck dick, but this chick is too dainty about it. I wish filth. I wish drool. I wish to watch this hot bitch devour that thick ramrod so heavy that this chick is gagging on it. Choking on it. Worshiping it. Just then is this chick allowed to nail it.I've been burning this girl's thighs up all week and today is no exception. I wish cowgirl. I wish it now, yesterday, and tomorrow. I wish this slut to work that ramrod with her sinful pussy harder than this chick ever has. At Training of O the Slaves do the Work. That means the Slaves do the Fucking. Heavy bitches bouncing on heavy cocks. Now. I wish her to nail it like this is the last nail this chick is ever going to get, and I am here to watch that is altogether what we get.Her dark hole is so tight and new that it has taken 3 days of trying to get a ramrod into it. This is the day, Daisy, that you really are going to take it for us. I will make you take that dick deeper into your sinful dark hole than you ever thought possible, and you will have the most intense delights while making so. Now, you are on your way to being an Anal Slut. 2013-12-06 2:00 kinky slave submissive
Melinda pees 2013-12-11 3:12 pissing

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Fetish Niches:
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